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The Art Of Tipping A Cam Model And How To Do It Right

If you frequent cam sites like CamBB, you must have heard the models asking you to tip them. Would you love to know more about the art of tipping and how to do it right? Keep reading.

How it started

Friends was one of the first commercial cam girl sites that let girls be your online “friend.” Models used to chat with guys, and when you needed to see the model, you had to pay by the minute for a live video broadcast from your webcam.
Many cam girl sites began with the same concept, and many of them are still in operation today, operating on the same model.
Other sites came along and introduced the idea of a site where the girls would be naked and give sex shows for free, with no payments and no need for a login.
The concept is inspired by street performers or buskers who sing, play an instrument, or perform an act in a street or town square. They perform their act, and those who enjoy it leave money in their hat/guitar case/bucket.
When cam girls could earn more money in tips during a public show than during a private paid-per-minute live sex show, they favored tipping.
New cam sites now began with tipping and only later, once they had established themselves, introduced private shows.
Today, tipping is the primary way cam girls are compensated and the direct way that their fans and viewers connect with them outside of text chatting.

Why you should tip a cam girl

While not every country has a tipping culture, it is completely acceptable to tip someone who has provided you with good service in much of the world.
It’s normal to tip:

  • Restaurant server/waitress
  • A theater hat-check girl
  • A barista in a coffee shop
  • Stripper waving her tits in your face

A cam girl delivers good service, putting on a live sex show for you to watch.
And, like the restaurant server, she makes most of her money from tips rather than a salary. 
Cam girls are active online because they want to make money. If it doesn’t provide that for them, the appeal of spending hours online chatting diminishes, and they may have to look for another job.
So you should tip your favorite cam girl to show your appreciation for their service and encourage them to keep coming for the shows.

How to tip a cam girl

Tipping a cam girl is easy. All you need to do is find the girl you want and click the relevant tipping option.
What happens next is determined by whether or not you have an account and credits with that site. If you don’t have an account, you must create one and load it with credit.
At some sites, a new account comes with free credits; at others, you must pay for a package of credits. However, the first transaction usually includes some extra credits. You should take advantage of these credits and offer them to your favorite webcam model.

How much should you tip a cam girl?

Unlike restaurant tips, where 20% of the bill is standard, deciding how much to tip a cam girl is more complicated.
You should tip what you feel is appropriate for the pleasure she provides and what you can afford. Don’t spend money you can’t afford.
Some cam girls make it easy by providing a Tip Menu, but without one, it is up to you to decide.

Where do the tips go after tipping?

When you tip a cam girl, the money is deposited into her account. Every cam site includes a method for recording tips, and the cam girl can see how much she has earned. There is usually a running total and sometimes a list of tips received thus far.
The money represented by the tips is stored by the cam site and paid out to the girl once or twice a month. All the money does not go to her; the cam site gets a share.
For models who work for an agency, the money goes to the agency, where they take a cut to cover the costs of the space, internet, and so on, and then the rest gets to the model.
The same way tips in a restaurant are handled by management, who take a cut, the cam girl sites and agency get a cut. 
Each one easily takes 50%; thus, an agency lady gets 25% or less of what you paid for her.

What to expect when you tip

When you tip a cam model, the notion is that she enjoys you showing your affection. Saying “you’re hot” isn’t as meaningful to the camgirl as receiving tips demonstrating you truly believe it.
When you tip a cam girl, you get her attention and appreciation.

What tipping isn’t

Tipping is not a way of gaining obedience or commanding a cam girl.
There are a few exceptions in the Tip menus; for example, if the cam model wants you to tip to command her, you can do it after tipping, but in general, a tip is something you have given generously, and the girls appreciate it as a gift.
A tip for a cam girl is not payment for services rendered. It’s simply an appreciation for the work they are doing.

There you go

Tipping cam models goes all the way back, and there is nothing wrong with appreciating your favorite girl.
If you don’t want to tip for flashes or specific actions, you’ll have to find another means to communicate with your cam model about what you want her to do and how you want to compensate her.
A great way to do it is to take her into a private room that concentrates solely on you and you alone.
Most cam girls, but not all, will take private shows, and in a private performance, she has nothing else to do but talk to you and keep you pleased.
That means she will do most of what you ask, but if you have something extremely specific in mind, you should ask her whether she is okay with it.
Never pressure or make a cam model do something she isn’t comfortable with. 

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