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Need A Hand? Here Are Five Joi Cam Girls You Need To Meet!

Jerking off goes, if you’ll pardon the pun, hand in hand with porn. If you’re watching porn or adult content of any description, then you’re pretty much jerking off. That’s kinda the point, right?

And it’s also the point of JOI camming – but with a twist. With JOI camming, you’ll still be jerking off (most of the time) – you’ll just be taking a little instruction as you go.

This fetish is a big deal on a lot of the most popular cam sites like, and it takes a skilled JOI girl to make the most of it.

What Is JOI?

JOI stands for “jerk-off instruction.” It’s a BDSM sub-fetish wherein guys get off on girls (in this case, cam girls), telling them how to jerk off (and even if they’re allowed to jerk off). A big part of JOI is ‘edging’ – getting to the point of cumming before stopping – and the best JOI girls will have their viewers edging time and time again.

The 5 Best JOI Cam Girls

Becoming one of the best JOI cam girls is no mean feat. Any cam girl can make a guy cum, but JOI is about making a guy not cum – at least for as long as possible. That sort of thing takes skill and the ability to know how far you can push a client before dialing it back.
With that in mind, let’s take a look at the six best JOI girls on the market.

Goddess Ruby Snowbunny

Eastern European ‘gentle femdom’ Goddess Ruby Snowbunny is the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove. She’s not as domineering as a lot of Femdoms in the cam business, but when she instructs you to do something in her soft, dulcet tones, you better believe you’re gonna end up doing it.

Goddess Ruby Snowbunny likes to start slow before she ratchets things up. Her subs will delight in her slowly disrobing and controlling the speed of their vinegar strokes before repeatedly pulling them back from the brink to worship at the altar that is her curvy body.

Goddess Ruby Snowbunny doesn’t just stick to JOI and is also a master of findom, foot worship, and humiliation. If you’re in the market for a soft-spoken dominatrix who rules with a velvet fist, you can’t go wrong with Goddess Ruby Snowbunny.

Superiors Alpha

The undisputed queen of the hill, Superiors Alpha, is the ultimate dominatrix when it comes to JOI camming. This Amazonian alpha pulls no punches, making each and every viewer her bitch in a matter of minutes.

And after a few minutes with her, you’ll be more than happy to be her bitch. Superiors Alpha’s edging game is second to none, and she’ll accept no early cum-shots from undisciplined subs who don’t know how to follow instructions. When you submit yourself to her, you’d best be prepared to follow her orders to the letter.

As with many other JOI cam girls, Superiors Alpha also branches out into other femdom fetish niches. She also does findom, humiliation, foot worship, hardcore BDSM, and much more.
If you’re a willing slave who’ll do whatever your mistress tells you to do, then Superiors Alpha is the woman for you.


Tattooed tyrant MissJennaLove knows exactly how to get men hot and bothered – and then forbid them from blowing their load until she tells them to.

MissJennaLove describes herself as having “non-standard beauty” and combines flaming red locks with a body that’s covered in tattoos that are a tribute to her pagan Norse religion. She’s also got a quick wit and an even quicker mouth – if you get off on being insulted by your JOI cam girl, you can’t go wrong with MissJennaLove.

MissJennaLove is a self-described expert in JOI and prides herself on having total control over her viewer’s onanistic depravations. It doesn’t matter how close you are to cumming; the stern but dulcet tones of MissJennaLove shooting out of your speakers will have you standing to attention and ready to receive fresh orders.


This pouting goddess is, without a doubt, one of the best JOI cam girls in operation today. She’s an expert in laconically instructing men on how to work their dick while she watches aloofly from a cloud of vapor.

This buxom vixen knows how to get men exactly where she wants them before she pulls them back and forces them to edge again and again. She prides herself on her ability to dominate any sub who enters her chat, and her platinum locks and superstar good looks belie the steel that lies beneath.

If you’re in the mood to have a blonde Romanian dominatrix tell you exactly how to finger your own asshole while you jerk off, SelenaVoss is the only choice for you.


Aristocratic JOI cam girl AlessiaMarks keeps it classy as she’s telling guys how hard to work their dicks. She talks as classily as she dresses and insists on being called ‘my lady’ by the salivating simps that populate her chatroom.

Only the best lingerie is good enough for this goddess as she carefully considers which sub she’d rather take to private chat to give jerk-off instructions to. You’ll be wondering whether to jerk off or offer her a tray of caviar as The Lady eloquently talks you through exactly how she’d like you to handle your cock.

She demands manners from her slaves, so make sure you know how to talk to a lady before even thinking about engaging with AlessiaMarks on live sex cams.

Need Further Instructions? Look No Further!

Whatever you’re looking for in a JOI girl – soft-spoken but firm, covered in tats with flaming locks, or someone who demands to be treated like a princess – you’re sure to find someone to tell you when to cum – and when not to.

Until next time, JOI enthusiasts, happy rambling, and always listen to your mistress!

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