Cheeseburgerjesus – Chaturbate And X Videos With Top Girls

Cheeseburgerjesus is a colombian webcam show with tons of amazing girls. When you join and see for yourself, you will immediately notice a big daddy – the main host. In here, the massive amount of sex and lust will accompany you along the way, no doubt of that.

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Hostory of Cheeseburgerjesus Porn

This guy runs webcam studios in various countries for about a decade, but not anymore though. As a result, he has tons of contacts of sexy chicks these days. So as you can see – shooting porn has become quite easy for him, and it is a pleasant job for sure!

Mostly, girls contact him themselves to participate in a hot porn action. His girlffiend however, don’t work together on these lustful projects, but people are wondering if she supports such an endeavor of his or not.

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Cheeseburgerjesus Chaturbate, X (Twitter) And Other Socials

Along with hosting crazy sex parties on Chaturbate, Cheeseburgerjesus does have an X account, where he post new videos interviewing new chicks. Since he is located in Columbia, most of his girls are from there as well, and they barely speak English. However, the smell of good money does its thing, so they are coming to him and contact every day!

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How Much He Pays Them?

As you can see on his profile notes, there is no clear answer to that. But, it depends on the audience the specific girls attracts to his show. At the end of the day, people tip tokens to them, and they share them between each other. Sometimes, they sum up to crazy amounts indeed!

Anyway, if you are looking ot work with Cheeseburgerjesus or learn more about his shows, make sure to theck his Chaturbate page and X!

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